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Elfdoll sent the word - Valli's Delights

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March 30th, 2009

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11:50 am - Elfdoll sent the word

My Rosey is on her way. Goodness and I haven't even thought of a name yet! How remiss of me. She's bringing a little seedling with her. Hope they have a safe and quick journey. They'll probably be held hostage by the evil Customs people. But I will release them and pay the damned ransom. *shouts at the injustice of taxes!*

So... what shall I call them. Rosalyn and Speckle? Rosswere and Pip? Queen Rose and Sappling? Silliness abounds. She is indeed a queen. Queen of the Essene. Fictional characters that will be revealed in time. The tiny seedling the hope of their future. Will she be able to penetrate the Hoomahn subconscious and leave behind a desire to seek her out, discover her secrets and learn from her skills? Are there others of her realm? But of course! They are the elves of Taw Wood plus Jemmy faun and Sprout. Toys in the Hoomahn world, but in the imagination of the children who own them, they come 'alive' and direct them to a world of joy and earth and growth, magic and wonders, powers and abilities... don't you want to join that world? I do. Oh the fun of having a wild imagination, but the restraints of time... drat.

Come home soon Queen Rosswyn and the hope of your nation... the tiny seed of Essence. Flutter you way through the night, land upon sleeping brows of imaginations still volatile and unrestricted.... bring forth hope and joy and sprout new life within the Hoomahn world. Welcome the Essene Queen, Welcome her Essence, Welcome to the world of my delights.

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Date:March 30th, 2009 12:03 pm (UTC)
Oh delightful! Hoomahns need more magic in their lives . . . :)

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